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Delivering enterprise services and consumerisation through workspace management

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Find out why UK CIO’s say that “knowing what’s happening across the estate” is one of their most challenging areas for end-user applications but why they struggle to do anything about it
  • Understand how the changing device and application landscape impacts the end-user services and solutions that IT has to deliver
  • Make the link between application and device usage and BI usage analytics and end-user delivery
  • Take a new approach to end-user IT (workspace management). Switch from managing the device to managing the user

A “one-size fits all approach” to end-user IT doesn’t work anymore. Today’s “consumerised” users want three things:

  1. Access to all the applications and content they need in any location – work, home, on the move
  2. On a device or devices of their choice
  3. In a format that suits the way they are working - installed locally on the device, accessed via the cloud or through a virtualized hosted desktop

IT leaders need a different mind-set to give end users what they want while maintaining a secure and cost effective corporate environment.

Workspace management enables the analysis of IT usage facts and trends to transform the way that IT is delivered to end-users to address new market opportunities, business demands and strategic goals. In this session, Marina will explain how workspace management brings together application and device usage (the fundamental building blocks of Business Intelligence for IT) and best practice end-user IT delivery.

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