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Discover how to make your data centre planning strategy stress free

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Data centre planning can be stressful: 90% of IT decision makers across Europe agree that they spend more time that allocated making crucial colocation decisions, which affects their everyday tasks
  • 64% see security as one of the biggest concerns
  • The ‘confidence paradox’: after a period of anxiety, there is a strong sense of confidence once the decision has been made
  • Ease of business, flexibility and risk mitigation are the key pillars to combat the ‘planning anxiety’

The benefits of evolving technology are acknowledged by many and as we know these advancements are supported by data centres. The continuous change and innovation, coupled with complexity and concerns has led our data centre decision makers to experience ‘planning anxiety’. Our recent report highlights a staggering 90% of IT/DC managers are so anxious about data centre planning their work is affected.
Robin Brown welcomes those as we share our findings on data centre planning complexities, risk rankings and security concerns but most valuable of all, how planning anxiety can be soothed. Ensuring you can have confidence in your data centre strategy both now and as your business evolves will be a key take away from this session.

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