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DNS Security: 4 Critical Things You Need To Do Today

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • How and why DNS is attacked and exploited
  • The impact on the uptime and performance of your network services and applications
  • Why existing security measures you have in place almost certainly aren’t protecting your DNS infrastructure
  • A checklist of things you should look at urgently

DNS is a critical network service: if ‘it’s’ not working then your network is not working. Attacks on DNS infrastructure are becoming increasingly common and the impact they have is huge. Moreover, DNS is a service that can be exploited by malware and hackers to compromise the entire network.
The good news is that these threats can be addressed, and doing so complements and enhances the security measures you already have in place today.
We will explain how DNS can be attacked and exploited, introduce our DNS security solutions, and explain how they add extra security layers not currently provided by the perimeter and end-point security measures you have in place today.
We will end the session with a challenge to the audience.

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