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DNS Security: EfficientIP & Amazon Web Services solutions to secure your business.

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Viewer Takeaways

  • How to mitigate DDoS attacks with high performance DNS
  • How to protect business from DNS threats
  • How to provide high availability DNS
  • Discover why EfficientIP and Amazon Web Services' approach is unique and innovative

EfficientIP and Amazon Web Services join forces to provide high availability DNS services and security against DDoS attacks, data corruption, and Zero-Day vulnerabilities.
DNS is one of the weakest links of the network infrastructure, but today companies do not really invest to secure it. According to IDC, 67% of companies are vulnerable. For them, any attack can mean loss of revenue, having confidential data being stolen, or crashed website. Existing solutions are expensive, difficult to implement and maintain, and don’t actually solve the problem.
EfficientIP and AWS present unique and innovative solutions to protect your business against all the DNS threats and secure your internal, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures.
Join us and discover EfficientIP & Amazon Web Services’ unique approach to secure your business.

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