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Fighting Cyber Fraud with Hadoop

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Big data and cyber security
  • How we preserve privacy whilst exploiting the advantages of data processing
  • Discover how Hadoop enables to prevent cyber fraud

Big Data is an increasingly powerful enterprise asset and this talk will explore the relationship between big data and cyber security, how we preserve privacy whilst exploiting the advantages of data collection and processing. Big Data technologies provide both governments and corporations powerful tools to offer more effcient and personalised services. The rapid adoption of these technologies has of course created tremendous social benefits. Unfortunately an unwanted side effects are the potential rich pickings available to those with malicious intentions. Increasingly the sophisticated cyber attacker is able to exploit the rich array public data to build detailed profiles on their adversaries to support their malicious intentions.
No enterprise wants to be reponsible for it's customer's becoming
victims of cyber fraud, and this talk will investigate best practices of how enterprises can protect their data assets and the privacy of their users both in regulated and non regulated environments.

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