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How BYOD and mobile helped to digitally transform the London Borough of Camden

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • How the London Borough of Camden has revolutionised the way in which mobile is used in the organisation to increase productivity and deliver services online
  • How the digital transformation programme has saved the council money and improved public services
  • How councils can transform their services for residents and employees by implementing a BYOD strategy which is secure and compliant
  • How councils can follow suite and embrace mobility and technology to transform their working processes

Early this year, the London Borough of Camden launched a digital strategy to transform the way it delivers public services to residents in the local borough and mobilise its employees.
In this session John will talk about how London Borough of Camden’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy is saving the borough money, improving security and increasing collaboration among its workforce. John will focus on how implementing BYOD helped to:

  • Improve productivity by allowing staff to work from anywhere
  • Reduce IT equipment costs by shifting from a PC-centric environment to mobile computing
  • Foster more engaged employees by giving them the freedom to use devices of their own choosing for business-related activities
  • Support a Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) environment – allowing employees to work from any type of devices across any operating systems and platforms
  • Allow employees access to important documents via Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, wherever and whenever needed
  • Enable secure mobile access to any documents within Sharepoint and other corporate apps
  • Fostered happier employees by giving them the freedom to use their own devices of their own choosing for business-related activities

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