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How vCloud Air from VMware enables IT to become the hero

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • vCloud Air
  • VMware hybrid cloud service
  • Seamlessly extend the datacenter
  • Secure, governed, agile services

Find out why vCloud Air is fundamentally changing the cloud by enabling IT to deliver the services that are being demanded today. Your business cares about productivity, fighting competition and bringing in profitable revenue, in short – business agility matters. In this session learn how, by utilising vCloud Air services, you can seamlessly extend your datacenters to provide secure, governed, agile services that reignite the value of internal IT to the modern business…in days. Learn what vCloud Air is, why it is winning cloud innovation awards, and why you don’t need to change your applications, your tools and networks, or your compliance strategy to deliver this fastest, safest route to enabling cloud services and becoming the business heroes once again.

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