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Hybrid Clouds in Practice - case-studies from the award-winning cloud success of the 10Duke Enterprise API Suite

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Learn hybrid cloud best practice through case studies
  • See identity-based licensing from a hybrid cloud in practice
  • Learn how to do file management at scale from a private cloud
  • Practical steps enabling data portability in practice

Is it possible to do cloud-based file management at scale from a private cloud? Can identity-based licensing solutions be deployed in a hybrid cloud environment in support of large-scale ecommerce environments? Join us for this practical discussion of real-world examples and key considerations to be aware of in the use of a hybrid-cloud approach. These include the challenges of marrying cloud deployments with corporate IT policies, managing workload and data location to comply with legal requirements, enabling data portability in practice and the evolution of the service architecture to allow technical and operational scalability. Ideal for both business unit owners looking at the viability of cloud deployment or technical owners tasked with taking advantage of the flexibility, coverage and pricing of hybrid clouds, this session will help navigate the practicalities of hybrid-cloud deployments.

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