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Intelligent Management Center - A unique approach to integrated management and accelerated application deployment

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Viewer Takeaways

  • How consolidating different management tools into a single integrated approach has significant benefits when managing networks
  • How to Accelerate application and service deployment with Virtual Application Networks
  • How it’s possible to eliminate traditional highly manual and error prone CLI configuration

Introduces Intelligent Management Center (IMC) – HP Networking’s unique, highly innovative approach to integrated multi-vendor management solution. The session will discuss and illustrate the benefits of this unique integrated approach to managing the network, especially wired, wireless and user access/guest management. We will also show how to get complete visibility of the virtual and physical network. As originations demand the faster roll out of new applications and services, the network changes are becoming the bottleneck in the process. The session will introduce HPs Virtual Application Networking (VAN) and show how it can accelerate the deployment of virtual applications, eliminating the need for time consuming and error prone manual CLI configuration of the network.

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