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Is virtualization fully Software-Defined or is more needed to deliver?

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • SDDC is more than infrastructure, it impacts all aspects of IT delivery from Applications to people and process.
  • SDDC needs multiple controller layers not just infrastructure management
  • SDDC does not require a big bang approach, phased implementations are easier and provide a better return

The virtualization journey continues as organizations start realizing the efficiency, better disaster recovery or agility benefits of virtualization. As more and more workloads move to virtualized environments companies look towards virtualization management and automation of all resources through software-defined date center (SDDC) future. How do you maximize the value of virtualization through a step-by step journey towards SDDC?

This session will look at how HP can help you determine the optimum end- state for your business and IT requirements, and how Technical Services Consulting can help you achieve this in a speedy and cost effective manner enabling your long-term strategic transformation

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