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Learning from trail-blazers in data centre energy and cooling efficiency

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • How intelligent PDUs avoid common mistakes that reduce energy efficiency
  • How cooling solutions impact the cost of ownership/running costs
  • Why the requirements of each data centre are different, and how to ensure you have the right solution
  • Finding the correct data to help calculate your data centre efficiency

Daniel will present data centre industry energy and cooling efficiency data, backed up by some of ATEN’s case studies, which include co-location, public and private sector sites. This session is designed for delegates who want to initiate new practices or improve existing ones. The tips and the latest ideas provided have been proven by ATEN’s customers to lower running costs, reduce the risks associated with new installations or inconsistent power supplies and deliver rapid ROI. Daniel takes a refreshing and practical approach to describing the issues customers have faced, how they were resolved, the results and how the data centre is run today.

In spring, ATEN released two world firsts: 1) the first real-time Rack Cooling Index (RCI) and Return Temperature Index (RTI) monitoring and remote energy consumption management system; 2) the first data centre power overload protection device which prevents entire environmental control and IT shutdowns.

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