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LG’s mysterious G Pen patent sets off rumour mill

LG looks ready to shake up the stylus sector after a trademark filing revealed it has plans to bring a whole lot more than plastic to its next smartphone/tablet input device.

The South Korean firm registered the LG G Pen patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office [USPTO] on 3 December 2014 and according to Slash Gear it "will be assigned to an examining attorney approximately 3 months after filing date."

Interestingly the patent filing makes no mention of the word stylus nor does it allude to a writing implement of any kind and the following description of the item already has the technology rumour mill going into overdrive:

"Electronic handheld units for the wireless receipt, storage and/or transmission of data and messages."

The only other information in the patent filing lists pretty much every single piece of technology that comes to mind as well as a few pieces of precious metal that give no further tidbits on what LG is actually planning to release except for the fact it will be technology.

There isn’t just a patent for the pen itself either as Phandroid reports that LG has also filed a trademark claim for “G Scrawl” that retains the vagueness of its sibling. The suggestion is that it could be a new app that combines with the G Pen to allow pictures and notes to be created.

LG’s two filings are likely an attempt to replicate the advanced experience that Samsung’s S-Pen offers its users. Anyone that owns the Galaxy Note 4 knows how useful the pressure sensitivity, hover detection and various others extras can be when producing anything on the device.

More on the stylus will be known in three months time when it might choose to release it alongside its next flagship smartphone that is widely expected to be the G4.