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Life is full of compromises; learn how to deliver a user workspace without compromise

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Learn about AppSense and our DesktopNow Plus products and solutions
  • Understand how users can seamlessly roam from laptop to pc, from VDI to RDSH
  • Understand how managing the user independantly can decrease cost yet increase user experience
  • See the technology in action

AppSense are the leader in Workspace Optimisation, a proven way of managing your users independently across their workspace.
As the workspace has evolved from a single PC to the myriad of devices and operating systems that exist today, the management of users and their workspaces continues to increase cost and or jeopardise user experience. By managing and optimising the workspace, AppSense has a proven track record in assisting organisations move to new platforms quicker, more securely, and more cost effectively than ever before. With over 3500 customers and installed on 6m + end points, learn how AppSense allows IT to manage users, their policy, their profiles, their performance and their privileges across the workspace

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