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Moving To The Cloud Corporation - The CIO Mission

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Cloud challenges – adoption, sourcing, security, integration, innovation
  • Capabilities and skills of the new IT function
  • CIO role in evolving IT and the business to new digital value
  • Glimpsing the technology future 2014-2025

The convergence of technologies into what is called cloud computing is creating tremendous possibilities, but also major, often understated, challenges. The CIO is a prime player and mediator in how cloud technologies shape and get on the strategic business agenda, are procured, secured, and how they are deployed for enhanced business value. The session draws on our new book and uses examples from in-depth research into how, beyond the hype, major corporations and SMEs are effectively deploying cloud technologies. We examine the evolution, integration, innovation, security and skills challenges Cloud present to CIOs and senior executives, and how these are being dealt with. The session will point to the changing role of the IT function, the policies and capabilities needed, and how, with their business partners and providers, CIOs can, over several years, evolve the digitally-enabled business we call the cloud corporation.

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