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New World Disorder: Attackers are virtual, global and mobile. If you can't beat em, join-em

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Walk through real-world case studies of advanced attacks observed by Zscaler against our customer base
  • Learn about the advanced attack techniques that are being employed by cyber criminals
  • Understand why traditional enterprise security controls are failing to protect employees in a post PC world
  • An introduction to Security-as-a-Service technologies and how they can adapt to the threats facing a mobile workforce

Technology is changing at a rapid pace and attackers are keeping up. Unfortunately, enterprise security is not. Enterprise security teams are tasked with finding solutions for mobile employees living in a post PC era. In this new paradigm, end users leverage personal devices where business and personal data is commingled and shared via cloud based services. As a result, enterprises must now protect devices, networks and data that they no longer fully control. Whether permitting employee owned smartphones to access corporate resources or embracing the cloud, scalability is at an all time high, while control is at an all time low.Attackers have not missed this trend. They are targeting end users, exploiting weaknesses in mobile apps and easily bypassing traditional security controls with advanced malware. Attackers do not have to adhere to budgets and justify project plans. As such, they are nimble and their techniques continually evolve. For enterprises, staying a step ahead in this cat-and-mouse game is becoming a monumental challenge. Historical security solutions such as host based anti-virus and URL filtering simply cannot in isolation defend against the dynamic attacks that have become the norm.In this talk, we will walk through a variety of real-world attacks to illustrate the emerging threats that we face today. We'll then explore how SaaS based security can be a potential solution to protect mobile users on a disparate collection of devices.

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