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Overcoming the Blind Spots in Your Virtualized Data Center - IXIA

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Learn the basics of network monitoring and how to eliminate blind spots in your network
  • Learn where the blind spots hide in typical networks
  • Learn how to implement a monitoring solution in physical and virtual data centres
  • Learn how Ixia's Visibility Architecture enables end-to-end network visibility, both in physical and virtual environments

As network and application management become the “table stakes” in the network management game, IT providers are focusing more on customer service in order to meet increasing user expectations. To monitor and secure the network, IT already has more tools than ever before. The problem is that these tools don’t get access to the data that’s needed to sufficiently improve customer experience.

By taking a holistic approach and creating a Visibility Architecture, businesses can remove network blind spots to achieve end-to-end physical and virtual network visibility and security. Businesses no longer have to make compromises regarding network, application, and security visibility. Regardless of network scale or management needs, a Visibility Architecture can easily integrate your data center environment and deliver the control and simplicity necessary to improve the usefulness of existing tools. Attend this presentation to learn how you can improve your virtual and physical network visibility.

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