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Performance Log Analytics - Achieving Value from Everyday Big Data

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Viewer Takeaways

  • •Information technology planners increasingly are recognizing log analytics as an important and growing need for using, planning and troubleshooting networks
  • •Log analytics is progressing from its present state of requiring significant manual processing to being actionable through automated processes
  • •Log analytics is becoming part of a proactive management tool set by integrating structured and unstructured network data
  • •The success of a log analytics solution is measured by the extent to which there is

While log data continues to grow in volume, diversity and complexity, any regular user recognizes that there is no good universal data structure for log data. This implies a requirement to manage unstructured and variable data formats to leverage log content, which is exacerbated by the present state of log analytics’ reliance on educated searches for relevant logs, complex queries, and manual correlation in pursuit of actionable value.

This presentation highlights the motivations for, and challenges in, handling log data, and new opportunities leveraging this every day form of big data in support of achieving value in network and application performance. The groundwork is laid for understanding the difference in value between log search and log analytics and highlights it in the context of performance logs for network management. The driving forces for increasing automation in log analytics are examined as embodied in the SevOne Performance Log Appliance.

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