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Re-architecting Datacenter

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Learn about Intel vision for Datacenter transformation
  • Understand Intel’s approach to SDI
  • Learn about Intel & HP collaboration in SDI & Converged infrastructure

IT has been through many transformations over the last few decades.

In the beginning, IT was focused on productivity improvements, taking the manual human labor and paper processes out of all the enterprise processes and business flows and relying on the power of computing to calculate balance sheets, financial projections and catalog the information generated by the day to day business of an enterprise

As personal computers were able to execute more and more of the work tasks, especially in financial reporting, it became beneficial to shift to a network centric model that allowed employees to complete work on their own remote clients and then to synchronize their work with the central enterprise systems.

Now we are in a third transformation - people in a business want their information and their services delivered as quickly as possible. Technology should serve the business instead of requiring the business to adapt to it. That’s why we now talk about SDI at its core as the extension of the principles and benefits of virtualization from individual servers to the entirely hyper-scale datacenter.

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