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Regroup with Hadoop - Realise the potential for Big Data in business applications

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Learn how to make Hadoop more accessible in your enterprise
  • Understand the role of Big Data in your business applications
  • See how Hadoop brings value to your current enterprise architecture
  • Discuss how the Aptitude Platform can help you quickly deploy Big Data-centric applications

Innovative companies understand that being truly data-driven is no longer optional. Those that can leverage Big Data can reduce costs, make better strategic decisions and - ultimately - gain true competitive advantage.

Until now getting value from Hadoop has been the preserve of a handful of modern–day data alchemists. But, Apache Hadoop is quickly evolving to meet the needs of enterprises and leading companies are looking to deploy the technology for a number of real–time operational applications.

We will present a series of business use cases and demonstrate how enterprises are overcoming the barriers to broader Hadoop adoption. Our speaker Tristan Atkins will also showcase how Aptitude Software and Cloudera are working together to empower enterprises to quickly build Big Data-crunching business applications.

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