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Should I Stay Or Should I Go? The On-Premises Information Archive Gamble

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • The challenges of legacy archives
  • How to ease your move to the cloud
  • The implications of Microsoft Office 365 adoption
  • The future of Information Archiving

There is no question that the cloud is changing the way that businesses think about Enterprise Information Archiving. Organizations are now faced with a choice that will affect their business for years to come. Stay with their legacy on-premises archive, or go, and embrace the cloud.

Attend this presentation to hear Peter Craig, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Mimecast, discuss the paths of two organizations just like yours. One stays with their on-premises archive; one goes and switches to the cloud. We explore the difficulties they attempt to overcome and chart their progress on their journey to the 2020 workplace.

By comparing the two businesses we discuss the economics of the differing information archiving architectures and how the cloud provides real cost benefits. We examine differences and considerations you should make when choosing. Additionally, we will review contrasting technology choices, discuss their differences and benefits, both immediately and into the future.

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