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Solutions for Public Sector: Empowering Organisations to Make Data the Centre of Their Mission

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Easy data fusion and discovery through open data formats and converged analytics
  • Deep and wide data capture for advanced persistent threats, cybersecurity, and fraud analysis
  • Comprehensive, 360º visibility of data for supply chain optimization, continuous exploration
  • Complementary expansion of data management infrastructure and skill sets

The potential of big data for the public sector is unprecedented – nearly 70% of all agency leaders believe that in the next five years, big data will play a critical role in fulfilling mission objectives. Yet, agencies today must be information-driven while managing risk and costs.
To best empower their teams, agencies are turning to Cloudera and an enterprise data hub (EDH) built on Apache Hadoop™ for a central, secure, and cost-efficient place to store and analyze all their data, releasing data sequestered in stand alone applications and allowing users to derive new insights and correlations while extending the value of existing investments.
In this session, learn how Cloudera is helping agencies use an EDH to gain unprecedented visibility, depth, and computing for missions like cybersecurity, fraud prevention, supply chain optimization, data discovery and fusion, and data consolidation without sacrificing security, governance, and their operational knowledge and skills.

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