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The Changing Landscape of Data Management

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • The future data requirements of the business
  • Barriers IT will have to overcome in order to support the business
  • What will future architectures look like
  • How the Enterprise Data Hub can help

Enterprises are living in a connected world built on the foundation of information. This information flows fluidly through organizations, individuals, and assets producing artifacts in the form of data. Used properly, this data can act as the lifeblood of an organization giving them complete visibility into a world that until today was hidden.

It comes as no surprise that we are in the middle of a shift in the way organizations are leveraging and managing data today in order to drive competitive advantages of tomorrow. At the center of this paradigm shift sits IT professionals who have to balance not only the traditional needs of an organizations, but also the future needs. In this session, we will discuss the changing landscape of data management focusing on the future needs of the business and how IT is in a leading position to guide organizations through this shift.

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