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The Enterprise of the Future

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • The evolution of the pace of change in technology
  • Examples of CIOs who have become drivers of innovation for their organizations
  • The phenomenon of the “CIO-plus”, meaning CIOs who have taken on responsibilities in addition to their CIO role by virtue of the great work done as CIO
  • Steps to follow to emulate these leaders and to help lead the conversation about enhancing the customer experience

For years, companies have successfully competed based on price or products or services. While these remain important, increasingly the way in which companies will develop somewhat sustainable sources of differentiation will be based on their ability to develop a better customer experience. The CIO has a lot to say about this, as he or she is well positioned to help develop insights about customers, to enhance the digital experience for customers, and to develop analysis that the entire company can use as to how to continue to refine the customer experience. Many IT departments are not yet set up to be able to do this, as yet, however. Metis Strategy president and columnist will provide insights into how CIOs can do this focusing on case examples of others who are doing so, and focusing on practical steps for everyone in attendance to follow.

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