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The Evolution of Human Generated Data

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Learn how to minimise the risk and manage your human generated data
  • Strategies of lowering cost of ownership
  • Transforming the way your business manages, finds, controls human generated data

Human generated data makes up the vast majority of enterprise data and represents an incredibly high value business asset, growing at alarming rate. What do you know about it? What do you need to know about it? What are the risks associated with it and how can they be minimized? What are the costs and how can they be reduced? What are the opportunities and how can they be maximized? Varonis has over 9 years experience and thousands of customers who they’ve helped maximize the value out of their human generated data and they will be discussing their view and how their customers transformed the way they manage, control, collaborate, find and use data.

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