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The Impact of the OCP on the IT Industry

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • The overall impact of OCP-compliant hardware for various types of data center infrastructure
  • What technological advances of the OCP provide the greatest potential benefits for enterprise data center users

The concept behind the Open Compute Project (OCP) – increasing data center efficiencies, reducing data center costs and the environmental impact of emerging hyper-scale data centers – has a place in all data centers. Started by the web scale giants, the attraction of OCP-compliant computing is growing and grabbing the attention across other industries. New OCP rack and server designs that deliver ultra-high density compute and storage platforms are being embraced by the HPC industry. OCP-compliant Fibre Channel storage platforms are of particular interest to finance, banking and a host of other industries that require the security, performance and enterprise-class reliability of Fibre Channel. There is no doubt that the OCP is a driving force rapidly changing how IT vendors address evolving data center requirements. The Impact of the OCP on the IT Industry explores what data center professionals need to understand about OCP-compliant infrastructure and the top considerations every IT professional needs to investigate to make informed decisions for their data center.

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