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The Virtual Desktop Visibility Challenge - Bring network visibility to your virtual applications and desktops through Citrix HDX Insight

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Viewer Takeaways

  • Hear about Citrix HDX Insight
  • See how to provide a greater experience for users
  • Learn how to gain more visibility of your desktop environment

As application and desktop virtualization solutions go mainstream in the enterprise, IT organizations face the challenge of providing a virtual computing experience for employees that is the same or better than that of a local PC.

A satisfying experience is essential, whether people are accessing their virtual apps and desktops over challenging, low-bandwidth, high-latency WANs, highly variable 3G/4G mobile networks or reliable corporate networks (LANs).

To provide and maintain this experience, a monitoring system which encompasses and correlates the performance of both the network and the applications is essential.

Traditionally, this would require a fleet of distributed agents; often challenging to both deploy and maintain. In addition, this model may be simply impossible on a modern public/hybrid cloud platform, which bring restrictions on deploying taps and agents.

This presentation uses NetScaler Insight Center to overcome the limitations of traditional methods and technologies to fully address the virtual application and desktop visibility challenges facing today’s enterprises.

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