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Understanding the challenges of building a scalable cloud at Iceland's largest multi-platform broadcaster

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Viewer Takeaways

  • Considerations for Enterprise Cloud design
  • Questions to ask during vendor selection
  • Tips for hardware selection based on your unique needs
  • How to minimize the pain of unplanned but necessary storage growth

Although Europe’s most sparsely populated country, Iceland has a terrific appetite for media content, including sports with Champions League and the English Premiership Football all generating an avid following. Much of the audience rely on services from 365 Media, the country’s largest multi-platform broadcasters which has grown rapidly. In response to the challenge of meeting increased demand for TV streaming services, 365 Media decided to build the nation’s first and largest cloud to support the broadcaster industry. Arni Finnsson, Technology Manager for 365 Media will guide you through the process, from infrastructure planning and vendor selection to implementation with insights to help you decide which cloud technologies (and what storage solution) is right for you.

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