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Facebook invents the world’s best hangover cure

Drunk photos appearing on your Facebook account before you have a chance to remove them are about to become a thing of the past after the social media giant detailed a new method to prevent them being posted.

The social networking site is working to bring in an artificial intelligence system that will in the future be able to tell when the face you are making is what happens when you’re ten pints in and not just a normal expression.

It’s the brain-child of Yann LeCun from the company’s Artificial Intelligence Research lab who envisages a future where the AI can act like your personal assistant and say “Uh, this is being posted publicly. Are you sure you want your boss and your mother to see this?

“Imagine that you had an intelligent digital assistant which would mediate your interaction with your friends, and also with content on Facebook,” LeCun told Wired.

The system, which is developed by LeCun’s team of AI researchers based in both New York and California, relies on a brand spanking new AI system called “deep learning” that is able to distinguish between different versions of yourself.

Some users will obviously think that all of this goes a bit too far and LeCun admitted that even though Facebook isn’t working on AI in conjunction with robots, it is something that he himself is interested in.

LeCun’s end game is to reach a situation where Facebook immediately notifies you when someone you don’t know posts a photo of you to the network and, as it can already recognise your picture now, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be long until this is the norm.

“You will have a single point of contact to mediate your interaction but also to protect your private information,” LeCun added.

Jamie Hinks

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