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Facebook looks back with 2014 Year in Review video

Facebook has produced a “2014 Year in Review” video, which looks back at the past year as we approach the next.

You can watch the video above, and it shows the highlights from the year in terms of the major world news, sporting events, and celebs who sadly passed away over the course of 2014. And of course who could forget the ice bucket challenge?

Facebook has also listed the biggest events of the year, and in the number one spot, the spectacle which drove the most conversation over the social network was the World Cup in Brazil. In fact, the footballing event didn’t just provoke the most chatter in 2014, but the most ever in Facebook’s history.

The number two event was the Ebola virus, followed by the elections in Brazil making something of a surprise appearance at number three (and showing Facebook’s popularity in the country now). The death of Robin Williams was the fourth most talked about event, making him the top subject of conversation when it came to a celebrity – and the ice bucket challenge came in fifth place.

It was followed by the Conflict in Gaza, Malaysia Airlines flight, American Football’s Super Bowl, Michael Brown (Ferguson), and finally the Sochi Olympics rounding out the top ten events.

The social network has also provided a number of separate top ten lists for the year, including the top movies, music, TV shows, athletes, places and so forth – and yes, Game of Thrones led the TV rankings, with Frozen sat pretty atop the movies. Head on over to the Year in Review website to check all the lists out.

Darren Allan

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