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HTC promises to unveil ‘very different’ wearable at CES 2015

Of course, there’ll be lots of new tech on show at CES come the start of next year, and doubtless there will be plenty of wearables – with HTC being one of the manufacturers looking to join the club.

Previous rumours have pointed to HTC unveiling a smartwatch that would feature a similar design to Motorola’s Moto 360 Android Wear device, but perhaps the company has thought better of bandwagon jumping, as new speculation indicates that the device won’t be a watch.

This is according to a source who spoke to VentureBeat, who insisted that the device won’t be a watch, and will be “very different” from any wearable on the market.

It’s likely that HTC figures just another smartwatch will have a tough time competing against Samsung, Motorola, and LG products, among others, not to mention the incoming Apple Watch which could just catch Q1 of next year.

Exactly how this wearable will be different, HTC didn’t say – but you can expect it to be out in the first quarter of 2015.

Maybe HTC might just be one of the partners for the new ARDA software we reported on yesterday, which takes the data from a fitness wearable and crunches it in all sorts of intelligent ways to make recommendations for a training regime – a sort of personal trainer Siri, if you will. If HTC’s wearable is early on the market with an angle like that, it could potentially carve out some serious market share.

Darren Allan

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