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Twitter announces most followed accounts in UK: One Direction dominates

Twitter has announced its most followed accounts in the UK, and Facebook has clarified some stats for its most talked about topics in this country, too.

So, who was the most followed person on Twitter in Britain? Well, as you could probably guess, that was Harry Styles with 22.8 million followers – just edging out, yes, you guessed it, the generic OneDirection Twitter account which has 21.5 million.

Another pop star, Adele, was in third place (Sky News spotted these rankings, by the way), with Liam Payne (yes, another “1D” member, in case you hadn’t heard of him – we had to Google Payne, that goes without saying) behind her on 18.6 million, and then Louis Tomlinson on 18 million (guess which band he belongs to).

The rest of the top ten comprised of Emma Watson, Zayne Malik (more 1D – thanks again, Google), Coldplay, @BBCBreaking, and finally Ed Sheeran.

Niall Horan, then, is the only One Direction member not in the top ten – but only because he’s Irish, and not from the UK. He actually has 20.6 million followers, more than anyone save Styles.

You may have seen we also reported earlier today on Facebook’s 2014 Year in Review website and video, which named the hottest topics of conversation on the social network in global terms. Well, interestingly enough the UK results have also been announced, and the top topic for this country wasn’t the World Cup as it was worldwide, but the Scottish independence referendum.

That generated a hell of a lot of conversation – and we suspect a fair few un-friendings. It beat out the ice bucket challenge to number two, and the World Cup was number three in the UK.

On Twitter, however, the World Cup was the most tweeted about event, just as it was on a global basis for Facebook.