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Is this what Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 will look like?

The next-generation iPhone stories have well and truly started now, with the first concept of what Apple’s iPhone 7 might look like popping up on the net.

Of course, we’ve already heard that Cupertino is planning a superb camera that could be the equivalent to a DSLR, allegedly, and that there may be two iPhone releases next year – the 6S in the spring alongside the Apple Watch, and a new iPhone 7 in the autumn at the traditional time. Both of those require considerable quantities of salt, naturally, at this point…

The latest buzz is simply a piece of concept art of what the iPhone 7 could look like, as dreamed up by designer Martin Hajek, who is famous for his Apple device mock-ups (it was spotted by Metro). Check the pic out above.

Hajek explains his inspiration for the image thusly: “Based on an idea from tech editor Steven Tweedie from Business insider I visualised what an iPhone 6 would look like with the display pushed to the edges.”

So does Apple plan to banish the bezel? Of course, that remains to be seen. It certainly looks good, anyway, and let’s hope the move to sapphire glass doesn’t cause any further manufacturing difficulties or possibly get in the way of any potential bezel slimming. We’d rather a phone had slim bezels than a slim profile (the latter being what Apple seems to mainly gun for) ourselves.

The concept art also shows the speaker being moved to the top of the handset, and a smaller home button. The device isn’t as tall as the current iPhone 6, but is slightly wider – of course, it’s all guesswork, but we’d go with the thinner bezels for sure.

Image Credit: Martin Hajek

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