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New app allows users to read entire books in 15 minutes

Blinkist, an app which aims to condense entire non-fiction books down to key points (called “blinks”) so they take at the most 15 minutes to read, is today launching an updated version for iOS and Android.

Blinkist has been referred to as the CliffsNotes for non-fiction material, and its aim is to get people reading when they have small chunks of downtime during the day, instead of using their device to check Facebook repeatedly.

The new version, Blinkist 3, now offers audio summaries of books, so you don’t even have to read at all, and can listen to summaries of popular non-fiction offerings (including the likes of “Freakonomics” and “How to win Friends and Influence People”). That’s also very handy for those who like to listen to audiobooks in the car, of course.

A number of other tweaks have been made, and a new digital magazine by the name of Page19 has been introduced to the app, which offers hacks, advice and “inspirational stories” drawn from a range of non-fiction tomes.

Holger Seim, CEO and cofounder of Blinkist, commented: “With such an abundance of information competing for our attention, it can be overwhelming trying to choose what content to consume. By breaking down books and summarising their most important insights into packages that only take 15 minutes to read or listen to, there’s literally no excuse to start learning and reading more.”

You can download Blinkist 3 and as a non-paying user, you’re allowed to access one book every day. Subscribers have unlimited access to 500 plus books, with 40 new titles being added to the Blinkist library every month.