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High5It takes a unique stance on football punditry

A new interactive football app has launched in the UK aiming to promote positivity amongst fans and supporters across the country.

With much of social media awash with foul-mouthed criticism and negative comments, High5It ultimately hopes to prevent the beautiful game turning ugly.

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The app is available now across Android and iOS devices and uses live match data from the English domestic game as well as the major European leagues. Users can follow all the latest scores along with text commentary, enabling them to share their thoughts on the action.

High5It’s distinguishing feature, however, is the option to digitally “High5” a player or passage of play as the game takes play, allowing fans to become “positive pundits.” These appreciation statistics are then compiled each week, so fans can see most appreciated players and teams. There will also be an all-star “Super Team” of the week from each League or cup competition, highlighting the very best performers over the past seven days.

Ian Evatt, High5It’s director of football, believes that the app, which includes a free, secure Instant Messaging feature, enables fans to share what they love most about the game.

“Football fans are the lifeblood of the game, whether supporting junior, local or professional teams,” he said. “In the age of social media the High5it app will show the true voice of fans and give them the unique chance to spread positivity, appreciate great play and celebrate the players who are getting their pulses racing.”

High5It’s release is being supported by the Football Supporter’s Federation (FSF), through its network of 500,000 individual and affiliated members.

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Anyone who wishes to download the High5it app can do so from the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores now.

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