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More images of Microsoft Lumia 1030 (aka McLaren) leaked

There’s been another spillage on the Lumia 1030 front, with another load of alleged pics of the handset being leaked, although this time around we can be sure that the snaps are relatively recent.

That’s mainly because the photos, spotted by Phone Arena, show the Lumia next to an iPhone 6, so must have been taken in the last few months. Also, the prototype device is marked as the “property of Microsoft Mobile”, again showing that these pics aren’t dredged up old images of some early Nokia prototype for the 1030, which was subsequently cancelled.

At any rate, the images of the Lumia 1030 (or Microsoft McLaren, as it’s also referred to – whatever it is, this is the next flagship for Windows Phone) show that the handset is a fair bit chunkier than an iPhone 6. That’s in terms of the overall size, and the thickness in particular, with that camera unit bump being a hefty thing indeed.

It certainly looks like it has grown since the Lumia 1020, and that will be off-putting to some – of course, this is still an (alleged) early build of the device. If it does end up as a sizeable hump, all we can hope is that Microsoft truly is cramming in some serious hardware to make sure that this is the king of smartphone snappers.

Previous rumours have pointed to a 50 megapixel camera (up from the puny 41 megapixels of the 1020), and a short pulse LED flash (not a Xenon flash as with the 1020, which appears to be a sticking point for some folks, along with the hump).

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for Microsoft to officially unveil its next super-camera flagship.

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