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Sounds, selfies and security: The tiny 3-in-1 Smart Box available now

Brando workshop, manufacturer of consumer gadgets, has created a smartphone accessory that crams three different functions into a box smaller than 3cm across.

The 3-in-1 Smart Box has been designed as lightweight, easy-to-carry and importantly for an object this small, difficult-to-lose.

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The device incorporates a 2W Bluetooth speaker, making it easy to give your favourite songs a much-needed boost, alongside a remote camera shutter. By pressing the box’s camera button once, the user can remotely activate their handset’s camera screen and then each subsequent press will take a photograph, which could make getting that perfect selfie that little bit easier.

The 3-in-1 Smart Box’s third feature is a phone locator or “anti-lost” alarm. When the device is taken more than 10 metres away from the user’s mobile phone, an alarm will sound continuously to alert them that their handset is not nearby.

In order to take advantage of all these functions, users will first have to download the accompanying app, as is often the case with Bluetooth-enabled gadgets. The smart box should be compatible will the majority of Android smartphones and tablets running KitKat and above.

It is not clear how long the playback time is, but the device will need to be charged via USB.

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Brando seems to have crammed a fair few features into such a small device and for $22, it could make the ideal stocking filler this Christmas.