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Social Spotify gives playlists a facelift

Spotify made another attempt at becoming an even more "social" service.

From now on, you can listen to Spotify in a manner like you'd browse through the Facebook Newsfeed.

The site added a feature called "Top Tracks In Your Network", a personalised, non-stop updated playlist, based on what the people you follow are listening to.

Talk about some trolling potential.

It’s available on desktop and mobile in Browse >Top Tracks.

Spotify product manager Miles Lennon says the new system cuts down the noise by sifting out just the best jams.

"There’s this problem: we have 30 million tracks in the catalogue. So, what do I play?" He says the answer lies in Spotify’s "core belief that music is inherently social."

Spotify used to bombard you with every song friends were playing, or leave you to hope the sent you a song directly. “Top Tracks In Your Network” cuts down the noise by sifting out just the best jams, while automatically delivering them to you so friends don’t have to bother.

However, no one wants to listen to every song every friend of theirs listens to, which is why it’s necessary to build a new social music graph of friends and tastemakers.

“If you think about the Facebook partnership, the underlying idea is you want to see what your friends are listening to” Lennon says. “What we realised with ‘Follow’ was that the set of friends you want to discover from are far smaller than your entire Facebook friend list.”

Lennon describes the new feature as a way of telling what’s trending, not globally, but personally, meaning the list will be different for everyone.