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Windows Phone may have found a new ally in Acer

Despite Microsoft’s best attempts at advertising the system to customers in the UK and overseas, it is clear Windows Phone still lags behind Android and iOS in overall usage.

Microsoft has been pushing for manufacturers to return to Windows Phone this year, but few have answered the call (sorry). HTC has already launched the One M8 (Android smartphone) clone running Windows Phone this year, with Xiaomi, Samsung and LG all rumored to launch Windows Phone devices in the new year.

Another manufacturer rumored for next year release is, Taiwanese manufacturer Acer. Acer previously worked on a Windows Phone device, but pulled out due to lack of popularity.

For the past three years Acer has worked on Android smartphones and recently announced some new devices to round out 2014. The rumored Windows Phone is likely to be a budget handset aimed at the South-East asian market first.

Acer has been an avid OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partner for Windows 8 and 8.1, launching a whole range of devices at different price points. However, Windows Phone does not have the same potential upside as Windows 8 or 8.1 due to the lower sales volume — making it a riskier move.

Holding most of the market share on Windows Phone does not necessarily mean the company is making profit. Nokia, who currently sells 80 per cent of all Windows Phone smartphones, was still running an operating loss before the Microsoft acquisition.

Xiaomi may be the most intriguing company apparently interested in Windows Phone, the Chinese firm has been incredibly popular in China and India and sell tens of millions of devices each quarter.

Microsoft is starting to gain more mobile market share in Europe, holding over 10 per cent market share in the UK and Italy. Sales in the U.S. and South-East Asia are less impressive, but Microsoft sees a large opportunity in Latin America and is marketing Windows Phone heavily in the region.