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Amazon app removed from Google Play Store

Amazon Appstore, an app that allowed users to buy Amazon's apps and games for their Android powered device, can no longer be downloaded and installed via the Google Play Store, reported this week.

A few weeks ago, Amazon updated their Android app and integrated an ability to buy other apps through the Appstore listing.

However, Google has strict rules that forbid people from selling apps through app stores that can be downloaded over the Play Store, which is why Google, a few weeks late, is now handing down the law to Amazon.

Their Amazon app is no longer visible in the Play Store, but instead users can download an app called Amazon Shopping.

It looks identical to the old one, but without one crucial feature: The store for apps and games. finds it odd that Amazon decided to switch apps, instead of just updating the old one and removing the apps selling feature. This way, the new app shows almost no downloads.

Amazon responded with a press release saying that Google changed the rules after they published the app, forcing them to make the change.

"We launched a new Amazon App for Android Phones on September 9 that provides an award-winning mobile shopping experience, enables customers to discover and purchase all of Amazon’s digital catalog, and provides customers access to the Prime Instant Video player and unlimited streaming of over 40,000 movies and TV episodes.

"Google subsequently changed their Developer Distribution Agreement on September 25. As a result, we removed the app from Google Play and published the Amazon Shopping app.

"Customers who want the best Amazon experience on their Android phone, including access to Prime Instant Video and Amazon’s entire digital catalog, can still get the Amazon App for Android Phones at“

Users can still download the Appstore over Amazon's website, but they will have to allow apps from unknown sources to do so.