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Apple-1 computer sells for big bucks at Christie's auction

The Ricketts Apple-1 computer, one of the first and oldest surviving Apple computers, was sold on auction on Thursday for $360,000 (£230,000).

The computer was sold at Christie's auction house, for a price far less than the estimated $400,000 (£255,000) to $600,000 (£380,000), and even more less than the $905,000 (£575,000) paid by the Henry Ford organisation in October for one of these machines.

Another computer was sold at Breker’s auction house in Germany for $671,400 (£427,000) in May 2013.

This computer, named after its original owner Charles Ricketts, was first sold by Steve Jobs himself to Mr Ricketts from Jobs' Los Altos family home in California.

The auction house also says the computer was sold out of Jobs’ parents’ garage in 1976 for $600 (£380), even though some media recently reported how the whole story of Jobs making computers in his garage was most likely fake.

“This particular computer - a green circuit board mounted under glass - can trace its history clear back to Steve Jobs’s parents’ garage (its original owner and namesake, Charles Ricketts, bought the computer there, as evidenced by a cancelled check for $600 that is part of the sale)”, The New York Times reported on Tuesday.

It is believed that less than 50 of these original Apple-1 computers are still in existence, out of a few hundred that were originally produced.