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Jawbone launches new platform to target lazy office workers

Wearable products company Jawbone has announced a new workplace platform called UP for Groups that will offer a healthy and active lifestyle in the workplace.

UP for Groups has been created for teams with over 10 staff members and data can be split between multiple departments, giving a better overview of each individual department.

The data collected will be added onto the team total, making sure nobody is singled out when it comes to weekly or monthly fitness reviews. All data will be anonymous and kept secure on the UP wearable device.

Users will be able to use any of Jawbone’s wearables to get started with the platform. Stats will be uploaded to the UP for Groups app and the group leader can set challenges for the team, for example the group leader could challenge the team to walk a set amount of steps per day.

Jawbone wants to tackle the issue of obesity globally and believes 9-to-5 is not a healthy lifestyle, especially if the person is not moving regularly or exercising. In an age where a person can sit at their computer desk for a full day, only getting up for a snack, obesity is a serious issue.

However FitBit has beaten Jawbone to the punch, already offering a corporate wellness program, launched over a year ago. UP for Groups looks to have more group oriented activities than FitBit, but it is up to corporate partners to keep the program active.

Jawbone is still second place to FitBit in the wearables war. Slower updates to software and hardware have allowed FitBit to take a gradual lead, even with the FitBit Force recall last year which affected a large chunk of customers.

Apple has not disclosed its own interest in corporate health, but considering Apple's focus on its "Health" app it's likely that they'll partner with IBM to create a health and wellness analytics platform.

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