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Spotify offer gift cards in the run-up to Christmas

Music is important to many people, both current and the variety that brings back memories of youth or life events.

While sometimes happy and occasionally tragic, it still raises emotions. Spotify has become one of the top destinations for this, and now it's getting ready for the holiday season.

If you wish to give the gift of music, then cards are available to you for purchase. The cards come in several increments, including $10 (£6), $30 (£20) and $60 (£38), netting the lucky recipient one, three or six months of streaming Spotify Premium music service.

The company is also touting its Family Plan, which allows five family members access for $29.99 per month - not a bad deal, though that one isn't new.

Spotify also is hawking its Connect feature, along with a list of compatible speakers you can purchase to stream your tunes from a phone or tablet. These include models from Samsung and others.

The service also points out that "Spotify is now available in 58 markets globally with more than 50 million active users, and over 12.5 million paying subscribers".

The service has been around since 2008 when it launched in Sweden. It has since expanded to many other markets around the world.

You can head to the site or grab the gift cards from various retailers.

Photo Credit: ra2studio /Shutterstock