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Google play store now offers a makeover for your smart watch

Google Play is home to apps for every occasion, books to suit every mood, and movies and music for everyone.

Today Google announces that Android Wear users can also download a makeover for their wrist wear from the digital store. Watch faces can now be downloaded from Google Play direct to your chosen wearable.

From the serious to the silly, the cheap-and-cheerful to the utterly stylish, you can transform the look of your smartwatch with just a few clicks.

And now that the Watch Face API is available to developers, you can expect to see more and more faces popping up over the coming weeks and months.

There are already a number of faces to choose from, including some themed to tie in with movies and TV shows. Google has also released an update to the Android Wear app to make it easy to browse through the selection that's on offer from the comfort of your phone.

David Singleton, Android Wear's Director of Engineering, points out that the update is rolling out gradually so if you don’t see it just yet, be patient.

Want to know more about watch faces? Check out this video to sate your desires and learn about the Watch Face API.