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Best of enemies: Samsung and Apple have partnered up

The relationship between Samsung and Apple turned sour in 2012, when the two mobile behemoths clashed horns. What followed was a series of seemingly endless court cases between the two companies, both suing one another over patents.

Apple recently announced it would change the way it uses patents, dropping almost all court cases against Samsung and Google (apart from in the U.S.). Apple also stepped back from Rockstar Consortium, after funneling $2.4 billion (£1.5 billion) into the acquisition of the patent troll.

The two companies may reconcile, in order to work together on the iPhone 6S. Apple has chosen Samsung as its primary manufacturer of the A9 chipset, according to a report from Korea's Electronic Times.

The A9 chipset will be the next step from the A8—used in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and will should feature a 14nm (nanometer) FinFET design, and be 20 per cent smaller than the current 20nm industry standard. Apple has also made the A9 chip use 35 per cent less power, alongside 20 per cent more processing performance.

There are rumours that claim the iPhone 6S will launch alongside the Apple Watch in Spring 2015. Samsung is also the primary manufacturer for the S1 chip on the Apple Watch, making them a key player in two of Apple’s large operations next year.

The early launch of the iPhone 6S might mean two iPhone upgrades coming in 2015. It is unclear if there will be an iPhone 6S Plus. Rumors say the iPhone 7 will debut later in 2015— around the same time that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launched this year.

Having four smartphones launched in 2015 would be a big step up for Apple’s production line and a terrifying prospect for companies launching smartphones in spring and summer. Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony traditionally announce flagships in the first half of the year

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