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Facebook gives Microsoft’s Bing the boot from search

Microsoft has been working hard to make Bing a search engine worth its salt, and claw away at some of Google’s market share, but the latest development in the tech arena won’t help Redmond’s cause.

Namely that Facebook has announced it has ditched Bing search.

The move comes as Facebook has introduced a new search system designed to make it easier for users to find old posts. Earlier this week, Facebook said of the new scheme: “With a quick search, you can get back to a fun video from your graduation, a news article you’ve been meaning to read, or photos from your friend’s wedding last summer.”

The new search broom has seen Bing swept away though, according to a Facebook spokesperson who talked to Reuters. Previously, searches on the social network highlighted users and organisation’s pages, but results also gave out links to websites driven by Bing.

The spokesperson noted: “We’re not currently showing web search results in Facebook Search because we’re focused on helping people find what’s been shared with them on Facebook.”

But they did also add that Facebook still has “a great partnership with Microsoft in lots of different areas”, although the move isn’t likely to endear Redmond to Zuckerberg’s billion-plus social juggernaut.

Facebook users, however, are unlikely to miss these Bing trimmings, and will certainly appreciate the new search system when it comes to reminiscing and trying to locate old shenanigans and events they dimly recall.

Facebook has been busy this week, highlighting its review of the year that was 2014, and considering expanding the simple “Like” system to a range of clickable emotions to better allow folks to express themselves. Although a “Dislike” button still isn’t ever going to happen – as Zuckerberg said, he doesn’t feel that it’s “socially very valuable”.