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Amazon is top for Xmas gift inspiration, ahead of Google

When it comes to getting Christmas gift ideas this year, a new piece of research has been looking into the most popular sources of online inspiration – and they are, unsurprisingly, Amazon and Google.

Amazon is the most prevalent source of gifts for the thousand UK adults who were surveyed in this Searchmetrics poll, with 61 per cent saying they’ve got gift ideas from the online shopping giant.

Google was in second place, providing inspiration to 50 per cent of respondents, and 38 per cent used eBay.

Facebook isn’t to be left out either, with 23 per cent using Facebook promos or ads for gift ideas, or indeed suggestions from their friends on the social network. The majority of those using Facebook for Xmas inspiration are female, though, with 30 per cent of women compared to 17 per cent of men.

So where did Twitter come? Well, a fair distance behind Facebook on 7 per cent, where it was level pegging with Pinterest. Social networks are clearly becoming more important when it comes to driving shopping purchases, however, with word of mouth being a trusted and powerful force.

Marcus Tober, CTO and founder of Searchmetrics, commented: “Google recognises the threat to its business from the likes of Amazon, which is why it changed its Google Shopping service to compete more directly with Amazon. Retailers now pay to have their product images, prices and descriptions show up in search results pages on Google.”

“So shoppers receive instant, comparative product information from a variety of retailers on Google ‒ which competes directly with the information available from sellers you see on Amazon.”