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Daily deal: Kensington KeyFolio Thin X2 Plus iPad Air keyboard £39.99

If, like me, you love the iPad Air but hate typing using the on-screen keyboard then you've probably thought about getting a bluetooth keyboard before. The iPad Air is a capable device in its own right, with plenty of power especially if you're just looking to browse the web and do some word-processing. The keyboard weighs 699g which when combined with the iPad Air brings the total up to 1.17kg or 1.18kg (depending on if you have the 3G or not) keeping the portability of the device intact.

Because the keyboard is designed to fit with the iPad Air it is a little on the small side, but if you've ever worked on an Eee PC or any other netbook-like device you'll find the experience comparable. Similarly the feel of the typing is solid and natural thanks to the mechanical scissor-keys, but because of this the case adds about 6cm to the thickness of your iPad Air.

The keyboard also has a number of function keys that can be used to used to perform a series of functions to give the iPad Air and keyboard combo a more "laptoppy" feel, so you can change brightness settings, set the volume, control media, and that sort-of thing.

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