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Facebook: Protecting your dignity since 2014

Posting drunken photos to Facebook might seem like a good idea at two in the morning, but what about the morning after, when the hangover and the headaches kick in?

Well, Facebook is apparently developing an app that will stop you from posting drunken party photographs and avoid potential embarrassment in front of hundreds of your online friends, including family members and work colleagues.

Maybe even your boss.

Facebook's Artificial Intelligence Research lab is working on a special application that will scan every photo you’re trying to publish on the social network, and then determine whether or not you’re drunk (or high, for that matter).

After that it will advise you not to publish it, preventing your nearest and dearest from seeing you at your worst.

The app will, as The Huffington Post writes, be a Facebook privacy tool named “privacy assistant”. It will be a smart app that will help Facebook users share those kinds of photos with only certain groups of people.

For example, if your photo is “too cheerful”, Facebook might suggest you only share it with a group of people that doesn’t include your mother.

The app is still in development, but sounds like it could be a popular feature.

This is just one small part of a broader push toward "deep learning", an effort to bring artificial intelligence closer to how humans actually think.

Facebook has used such technology to accurately identify individual faces up to 97 per cent of the time.