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Full game support for Oculus Rift still “years away”

If we are to believe Maciej Binkowski, lead game designer on the upcoming PS4/Xbox One free-running game Dying Light, we’re still years away from getting a full AAA game support for Oculus Rift.

In an interview Binkowski gave to Trusted Reviews, he said it will takes “years” for games to adapt to Oculus rift, and only if someone built a game from scratch, especially for Oculus rift, then it would be possible today.

“How long do I think it will take games to adapt to Oculus Rift? Honestly, years," said Binkowski in an interview with TrustedReviews. "Maybe if somebody creates a certain kind of project especially for Oculus from the ground up, I think it’s possible today."

Still, those games will have to be very simple by design, and to reach the levels of complexity we have today is a tedious task.

"But, with that level of complexity like Dying Light, I think it’s going to take years. To get it to a point where gamers can comfortably play for three hours on a couch, I think it’s going to take years. Not just from the technological game perspective, but from the hardware too."

The biggest problem is the fact that, while you are sitting down, the virtual reality headset sends information to your brain that you’re moving.

It makes a certain conflict in your head, your brain has to compensate, and your eyes get tired very fast.

Dying Light is currently being developed to play on Oculus Rift.