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Would you buy this iPhone 6 case for £1,260?

Want to pick up a fancy iPhone 6 case for your handset? Well they don’t come much fancier, or expensive, than Squair’s ‘The Slit’ case which comes, as the name suggests, with slits down its length so you can still see the phone when it’s ensconced inside (and this also cuts down on any signal loss you may experience).

Squair, you say? It’s a Japanese brand, and the case, which was spotted by Uber Gizmo, is fashioned from “Extra Super Duralumin A7075”, no less – which is basically a very strong type of aluminium.

The case comes in black, silver or gold to match the colour of your iPhone 6 (not the 6 Plus, mind), but it will set you back a rather breath-taking £1,260 from Amazon. Oh, and £13 for delivery, which seems pretty steep but that’s mainly because the seller, DAQ, is based in Hawaii.

The Slit cases are also on sale over in the US where they’re on for $2,000 (£1,275 – so we’re paying almost exactly the same price over here).

The thing is, you could buy two new iPhone 6 models with this money, and if you drop and break your phone – well, you’ve got two potential replacements paid for. We guess that isn’t the point, but still… only the rich need apply (and that probably is the point).